Top ten reasons to run with your dog…

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…instead of another person. Letterman has a top ten everyday. I figure I can have one, just once. If you’ve ever been a runner, especially with a dog, this should ring some bells. 10. Being tethered to your companion. 9. Pit stops. 8. The constant NEED to sniff. (The dog, not me!) 7. Conversation consists […]

Free your mind, the rest will follow…

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Yeah, it’s a line from an En Vouge song, and I do think it’s true. If we can all actually have truly open minds, we really would have a “free-er” world. The problem comes in freeing your mind; how do you go about doing that? While it is more attitude than anything else, attutides are […]

Show Me the Money!

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A few years ago my mother-in-law had a somewhat hilarious dream in which my father-in-law had a secret room that contained all the “toys” he had wanted but been unable to buy. His prized possession in the secret room was a Mazda Miata. The dream has since become a family joke and has provided us […]

Dog Daze

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I grew up in Houston, Texas. I remember quite well the horribly hot summers. I always know when the “dog days” of summer have arrived here in KC. I don’t have to go outside; I don’t have to watch the weather or look at the thermometer. All I have to do is watch our dog. […]


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Right now, as I type, the mound of stuff in our guest room is growing so large, it no longer fits on the bed. This particular mound is all the stuff we are getting rid of. I’d love to say that I feel a sense of accomplishment looking at the large amount of things we […]

Good Grades

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When I post this entry, I will have done 11 out of 13 things on my list. This gives me a “B” for today, and I was always a straight “A” student. This is not a crisis. A “B”, I have learned as a teacher, is REALLY a good grade. I’m just not used to […]

Jam Packed

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We saw the very beginning of a commercial last night that started with these words. That’s when it hit me. I’ve made two batches of jam in the last couple of days: strawberry and strawberry blueberry. What hit me was why they call it jam. I put all that fruit in only 4 or 5 […]

Spinning my wheels

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One of the great joys of the English language that I use to spin my tales is the homonym; words that are spelled the same, but have different meanings. Spinning, I have discovered, is a homonym and can have many meanings. About a year and a half ago, my husband and I enrolled in a […]

Clean Sweep?

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The Royals swept the Dodgers tonight. This is the second clean sweep they’ve had since their new manager started. My husband and I discussed that managers must be pretty important in baseball. Frankly, they’re pretty important in just about anything. I worked at a Randall’s grocery store in Houston one summer when I was in […]

Ensalada – Yum!

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Something very tasty and exciting happened at Chipotle since I was last there. (We eat there about once a week on average, so this must be pretty new!!!) The salad has descended on the burrito giant! If you ask me, it has taken over and is queen of the place. We left for lunch today […]