The end is in sight…

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So far this summer I have: cleaned out my closet, the linen closet and the closet in our guestroom. taken the “mound” of stuff to Goodwill. put new quarter round in one closet. found someone to fix our basement. started cleaning out my studio. taken a Yoga class. taken a spinning class. cleaned out my […]


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Kermit the frog was my favorite muppet when I was growing up. I even had a Kermit puppet. I loved the song “It ain’t easy being green”. Hmmmmmm… I wonder if Kermy was my favorite because I liked green, or if I like green because I liked the frog. If I level with myself, I […]

If shopping were a sport…

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I made my annual trip to Larry (Lawrence) today for their sidewalk sales. The downtown Lawrence sidewalk sales are an institution in this area. They draw thousands of people for a one day shopping exravaganza. I’ve been going to the sale yearly for five or six years, and I always have a blast and get […]

slackers, laziness and revelations

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I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately. Besides the obvious 2 month vacation from work, I haven’t managed to post much since we got back from our trip. I think I might just still be somewhat on vacation; is it possible to be kind of on vacation? If so, I would probably fit the […]

Will the REAL city please stand up?

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I grew up in Houston, Texas. I love my home town and I am definately proud to be a native Texan. I’ve even decorated my house in stars. One day I stopped counting at 67 stars in the bathroom alone, and that wasn’t even all of them! I had to laugh when the parent of […]

The hole in the water

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We had a unique experience in Lake Geneva. I’m certain that it is not surprising that there were a lot of boats there. We secured passage on the only mail boat (yes, MAIL) in the states for Friday morning. About a week before our trip CBS Sunday Morning aired a story about the mail boat. […]

European Vacation

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We’re back from our week long vacation to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and we had a wonderful time. We stayed at the Grand Geneva Resort. While I’ll spare you the details of our trip, it is interesting to note that the resort was formerly one of Hugh Heffner’s Playboy Clubs. It is now an upscale spa […]

Things are not always as they seem…

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Just north of our neighborhood is a MUCH nicer neighborhood that backs to a country club golf course. When Keva and I go for our regular two or three mile runs we stay in our own ‘hood, but when we go on longer walks or runs, we venture into the area where the rich folks […]

Taking Flight

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It is apparently flight school time of year again in our neighborhood. Most years we don’t have much contact with the teenage birds learning to fly, this year has been different. My husband and I returned home one evening to see a strange looking bird resting on the running board of my F-150. When we […]