People really will buy (and steal) anything…

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I was surfing the web a couple of days ago and found this: Go ahead; check it out. Ok, seriously? I kinda get people who want to do something to remember their pet. I’ve had friends have a dog creamated. My parents planned to do this until their dead dog was stolen. Yes, you […]


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Don’t think Roswell. Think lurking in a basket somewhere. Or in a box in the basement. I’ve discovered that UFO’s in the world of online knitters are Unfinished Objects not unidentified flying things. I’m proud to say that I do not have any knitting UFO’s. I’ve managed to finish everything I’ve started. This is only […]

My new favorite yarn…

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Lamb’s Pride Bulky. It comes in about a million colors. It felts nicely. It’s a great weight that knits quickly. It makes really nice bags. I’m currently working on a second button-hole bag (You can find the pattern at Mason Dixon Knitting.). And I can’t wait to get back to it…


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We bought Keva, our dog, some new dog treats at Costco on Saturday. I noticed tonight that they are called “Peanut Butter Grandpaws”. I assume that this means they are large paw print shaped treats. We haven’t opened them yet, so I don’t really know. The “grandpaws” part really got me thinking. Maybe it’s because […]

The baby is king?

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Everyone asks us how Keva is doing now that we’ve had a baby at home for almost eight months. We’ve always said the same thing, “She loves him, but hates us.”. It’s really true. He tastes good and laughs at her. She’s to simple minded to connect him with the fact that she doesn’t get […]

Small steps and big leaps

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Ever notice how something that starts small can get BIG really fast. Water leaks work this way; a few drips turn into a huge puddle and/or a fast stream in a real big hurry. We had a storm here in KC last week that caused a lot of flash flooding; including one small flash flood […]