And so it begins…

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I promised kick-off pictures for my clean-up campaign tomorrow, but I have them a day early. This is my desk in our office. It was almost usable at one point, but then the baby started to crawl. I piled everything that was on the floor on my desk to keep him out of it and […]

Log Cabining Along

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I posted a couple of days ago about the Inspired by Nature KAL. My awesome sister-in-law delivered the last of the yarn to our house last night right at bedtime for the baby. I have two skeins of both the sage green and the reddish-brown, but figured that I didn’t need to include extras in […]

One Skein Wonder

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I got my last package from the Spring Felted Bag Exchange yesterday. Jessica sent me this: It’s a “One Skein Sock Bag” from a pattern she designed and one skein of Bernat Sox yarn in the color Denim Hot. The bag is very cute and I love the color of the yarn. Thanks, Jessica! I’ll […]

It took me long enough…

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I decided a while back to join a knit-a-long (KAL). For those of you who don’t knit: the idea is that a group of people knit something “together”. It usually involves a certain object or a theme. The Inspired by Nature KAL caught my eye because it would have me using pictures from nature to […]

Swaps are coming to a close…

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I’m kinda sad that it’s ending! I’ve really enjoyed doing this. I had an awesome pal named Juli. She really sent me great stuff. My final package came from her on Monday. Juli sent me two skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in a beautiful cranberry, three more lace scarf patterns, some honey […]

Hey Mr. Tally Man…

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Tally me bag-nana. So, I made this for my mom for her birthday; which was Friday. It arrived on time, but I hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet. I didn’t think it was fair for you guys to see it before she did. Mom doesn’t read my blog. My mom may not even know […]

That’s nice; can I eat it?

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As I used to be an art teacher, we decided a couple of weeks ago that almost 11 months old was a good time to start drawing. Here’s how it went: I dug up some So Big Crayola crayons and plain white paper. I made sure he was rested and fed. And we put the […]

He put a penguin in the dishwasher.

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Yep, the baby thought his penguin needed a bath. And what better way to get something really clean? Don’t worry, I removed the penguin (several times) before I closed up the dishwasher and ran it. It’s turned into what ever it takes to entertain him (within reason) so I can get X done this week. […]

I have the yarn!!! and a new computer…

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My wonderful hubby bought me a replacement for my ibook. Turns out that the ol’ ibook was turning 5. Years. Yup, I used it happily for 5 years and would have continued with it if the dog hadn’t shoved it off the couch while we were out of town a while back. Ms. ibook still […]

Stuck between…

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We went to visit our friends Summer and Casey and their two kids yesterday. While we were there the baby crawled under their end table and then started to crawl back out between the leg of the table and a chair. Admittedly, the spot did look too small for him. Summer and Casey quickly alerted […]