Something(s) to yell and scream about

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I’m making more progress on some fronts and completely stagnant on others. There has been no knitting!!! This does not make me happy and will not keep the baby warm this fall. I took a break to be obsessed with Harry Potter and I haven’t gotten back to the sweater I’m knitting him. This is […]

Things that start with “p”

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Peanut butter cookies: I made a double batch last night. Hubby requested them. I might have to find a way to add some chocolate to the left overs today… Potter, Harry: I’ve been neglecting everything else in my life (except the baby!) while I read book 6. Yup, just 6. I’ll start book 7 as […]

Chewing through the tough stuff

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It’s Friday, so here are today’s studio pics. This is a little depressing for me. I’ve spent several hours down there cleaning and putting things away, but you can hardly tell a difference in the pictures. I do want to note that there is a large box completely missing in this picture. The drafting table […]


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One night when I was in college my three friends and I bought a pan of the brand new (back then…), microwave brownies. Turns out that the crappy, old microwave we had didn’t work all that well, and after following the directions we had undercooked brownie mush. It resulted in all four of us crowded […]

The dog ate Minneapolis…

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Or at least I think it was Minneapolis. Well, and it wasn’t actually Minneapolis (So don’t worry if you have family there.); it was a map. Yep. The 85 pound beast that lives at our house ate a map of what I think was Minneapolis. I headed down to my studio last night to clean […]

Just in time for a party

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The baby turned 1 on Friday. I neglected blogging during the past week to get gifts, cake and party all ready for him and his guests. Part of that was finishing the blanket I was working on for the Inspired by Nature KAL. Remember the inspiration: I made this: It’s a boyish baby blanket knit […]


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The baby is turning one at the end of this week! I’m so very excited for his birthday and his party. We’re taking him to go swim in the chi omega fountain at KU on his birthday. His party has a monkey theme. I made the invites and will be busy this week getting paper […]

Sometimes things just don’t work out how you plan…

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I don’t have any pictures for you of a clean studio. I don’t have a clean studio. I have good reasons, but I don’t believe in posting a long list of excuses. I could post the studio picture from last week again, that’s pretty much what it looks like right now. There’s just more dog […]

Another Contest

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Ali is having another contest. Go visit her blog and leave a comment on the proper post letting her know how old you were when you learned to knit. Also let her know that you were referred by me. She’ll select a winner mathematically later this month. I know this is a super short post; […]

By george, I think she’s got it

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I received a wonderful email from June this afternoon. She got her bag in the mail yesterday and loved it! She even mentioned that she took it to a knitting group last night and that all the ladies at the group loved it. I made the mistake of trying to take final photos of one […]