Christmas is coming…

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I hope this doesn’t seem horrifically selfish of me, but I’m going to post my Christmas wish list to my blog. I figure this will make it much easier for those of you who feel compelled to purchases me a gift. No one, except my brother-in-law (who drew my name…), is required to purchase me […]

Here it is again…

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My stash: In all of its small glory. Yep, that’s it. All of it. It doesn’t even fill a 21 gallon rubber maid container. The only things not included in that container are currently slated for a project that is actually on the needles. Well, that and the cone of peaches & cream my secret […]

Little ‘Ole me?

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I really, really can’t believe it happened. Look who commented on MY blog. Really, go look at this previous entry. Yep, that’s Ann Shayne from Mason-Dixon Knitting. She actually came to visit my humble little internet abode and bothered to leave a comment. I’ve been enjoying her and Kay’s banter for a while now, but […]

Sweet Goodness Swap

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Yup, I entered another swap. It’s the Sweet Goodness Holiday Sister Swap. My partner is Diana. I’m very excited about this one! It will really give me a chance to get to know someone knew. Here are the questions: 1. Favorite Color: Green!!! Turn out that this is Diana’s favorite color, too. I also like […]


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I read a lot of blogs. It’s one of those things; once you start reading blogs it leads you to other blogs. It didn’t take me to long to get to the point where I needed help managing all those blogs, so I set up my Yahoo! to help me out. It seems to me […]


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Was it Thumper’s Father or Mother that said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? We arrived home from Houston on Thursday evening. I’ve kept quiet because I don’t have anything nice to say. We had an awful trip. The only good things were the food and a little time to […]


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I’ve really neglected my blog this week! I’m SO sorry; especially to my poor secret pal. I was posting almost everyday, and it’s been a whole week! I’ve been swamped. We’re leaving on Sunday for Houston to see my parents for a few days. So, I’ve been doing laundry and trying to finish project that […]


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This is the face of a guilty dog. Guilty of MANY things in her life; always forgiven. I guess at 85 pounds, you get REALLY hungry. She’s consumed all the pressed paperboard she can find in my studio. This includes the entire cardboard spool to 5 roles of ribbon! She’s eaten a few file folders, […]


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You’ve heard of the Chunnel, right? Well, we had our very own “Dunnel” at our house this evening. The daddy-tunnel. Hubby was down on all fours in the kitchen and the baby crawled back and forth under him from head to foot over and over again. It was SOOOO cute! I tried to get it […]

When it rains, it pours II

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Literally! Hubby had a photo shoot in Lawrence tonight, so he wasn’t going to be home for dinner, bath, and bedtime for the baby. I planned a trip to the park after snack to pass our usual evening fussy time. I even had the heels from three loaves of bread saved up to feed the […]