Weathering miters

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I finally finished the 9-patch dishcloth, but I’m still having trouble with my SSK (Slip, slip, knit) decreases. I tried all the methods I saw on, but nothing seemed to make any real difference. I must be doing something wrong; I know they won’t look just like the knit 2 together decrease, but mine […]

Here you go

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My secret pal came through for me big time. I have no clue who she is, but I got a third package yesterday that rocked just as much as the other two. She sent me the above banana silk yarn in that awesome green. It rocks. And it’s so timely. The toddler has learned to […]


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Things seem to be going along swimmingly (so to speak) for the newest tiny member of our family. I’m starting to feel a little less sick, but no less sleepy. And I seem to be coming down with a cold. That’s always fun, especially when pregnant and chasing a little one who is really starting […]

The big news

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I know it’s not the best picture, but I really wanted to show you this. Yep, he pushed the stool over and climbed up to “help” me all by himself! But that’s not the big news… The almost toddler is going to be a big brother! We’re thrilled to be having our next little one […]

Mitering Along

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It’s been well over a week since my last post. I’m so sorry that I’ve neglected my blog. I’m just exhausted. We’ve been SO busy! I’ve been trying to get work done on a few pieces for my upcoming show. Yep, I’m booked for a First Friday show, November 2, at the Imago Gallery in […]

Oops! again…

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So it didn’t occur to me that I needed to tell ya’ll that the photo I posted yesterday is not the photo that will be in the calendar. It’s that sweater, but another, totally different photo. That’s part of the big secret. You’ll have to wait for the calendar to see the actual photo. I […]

It’s Official!!!

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The baby is finally a toddler! He took his first official steps last Thursday while we were in Omaha visiting Hubby’s Grandma, Aunt and Uncle. He hasn’t made much progress since then, but he’ll get there in his own time. I haven’t made much of any progress myself. We were all sick earlier this week. […]