So, it’s been two weeks…

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Uhhh, I guess the fact that I haven’t posted gives you some idea of how things have been going. CRAZY!!! We went to L. A. over Thanksgiving to see Uncle Nick. You’ll notice that he posted a Lego Land photo of the little guy to his photo blog. Thanks, Nick. (A copy of that photo […]

Who taught the dog to…

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…open a Tupperware container? It’s not the first time, you see, but today she chewed the lid off of one of my vintage Tupperware canisters and ate FLOUR! Plain, uncooked flour! Seriously? It’s not like she was after fiber; it was WHITE flour. What really gets me is that the bag of flour was on […]

Showing Off

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I know, I know, it’s taken me over a week to get these posted… Hubby took great shots of my work just before we opened the doors for the show. We had a great turn-out, and I heard a lot of nice things about my work. It’s always nice to see it on the wall […]

Our little monster

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I figured you guys’d want to see the toddler in his Halloween costume that I made. I dare you to ask him what a monster says. He’s so cute when he smiles and says, “RAWR!” I’m very proud of myself for this one, but I must also give credit where it is due. I used […]


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For those of you who were waiting on the edge of your seats and holding your breath; your wait is finally over. The Knitty 2008 calendar is now available! Don’t walk, RUN! here. You’ll not only be able to see the awesome photo my hubby took of my Kyoto sweater that made the calendar, but […]

Finally Fall

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It’s official. The maple in the backyard turned late last week and still looks pretty today. We have the toddler’s swing in this tree, so this is the canopy we had while swinging. It was so warm to look up at all the yellow and orange! It’s really windy today, so that canopy is turning […]

The Show Must Go On…

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So I tried very hard to upload the postcard for the show that tomorrow night for you guys, but the file is too large and iphoto is being very odd about importing it to resize. I would normally bug hubby to help me solve these problems, but he’s had a rough week and really needs […]