Everybunny say cheese (or carrots)

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The bunnies posed for a class portrait while it was sunny and nice yesterday. There were quite a few tears as one of them (note that there are only 7 in the picture) has already moved on in the mail to a small friend. And I can’t say who he went to live with, but […]

Going Gocco

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It really and truly is crazy here. I’ve neglected to share that hubby was sick most of last week. And, the poor guy, was finally feeling better when he was in a car accident that totaled our 97 Jeep Wrangler. As if he wasn’t busy enough, he had to add hours of phone calls with […]

Secrets kept and revealed

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See those two bunnies. I looked over the other day and they had shifted so they were leaning on each other. I won’t tell you who those two are for, don’t want to give anything away. But I will say that I am certain that the two recipients of these bunnies are going to be […]

No, no, no, no, no, no, no…

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Someone at our house has a new favorite word. Yep, it’s no. I’ll tell you that it’s not me (I’m so SICK of saying “NO!”) or hubby. And we have not taught the dog to talk. You guessed it: the toddler. He’s not to the point of saying it to questions yet. He simply runs […]

In Memory – A quilt binding tutorial

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Hubby’s paternal Grandma passed away on Monday. She was an avid quilter in her time. She made wedding quilts for all her grandchildren and birth quilts for all her great-children, as long as she was able. Quilting was a place that she and I always connected. I’m certain that she did not use my method […]

Just like Bunnies

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What is it with rabbits? Even the stuffed ones multiply “like bunnies”. I started out planning to make two of these guys. Two became five, became seven… And now there are eight of them. They aren’t quite finished yet; they each need to have the hole in their hind end stitched closed and a face […]

I’m all ears…

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Yep, that’s all bunny ears. That’s all the more I got done during the toddler’s very short nap yesterday. I’ve gotten a whole lot farther today, but it’s not much to look at. The bunnies are all sewn together, but they still need to be trimmed and turned. They really look rather morbid; they are […]


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Fetch is a popular game at our house. It has been for a LONG time. There are certain toys that the dog will chase until she’s just too tired to walk anymore. She’ll even play fetch with snowballs. It’s especially fun when she finds the snowball and tries to bring it back. After a second […]

Beautiful Day

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I always liked U2, and the song title fits today like a charm. We grocery shopped this morning; I actually want to eat food and cook again! I’m craving fruit. I think this is probably a good thing. It was 61 here this morning. Not just un-winter-like, but decidedly Spring-like. We topped out near 70 […]

Mean-means and bays

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We had a wonderful weekend. The weather was decidedly un-winter like. Today we even made it into the 60’s! And yesterday was a breezy 50 something. My dad came to stay with us for a week; he left today. But while he was here he helped hubby install a new floor in the studio, and […]