It’s the little things…

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I took a short break from working on the Hoover Blanket (At 230 stitches per row a break is necessary sometimes!) to knit this tiny little hat for this little guy: My nephew was born on Tuesday, but we couldn’t go meet him until yesterday. The toddler has some awful stomach/intestinal virus that I’m quite […]

Dots and thoughts

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I made my nephew a quilt. He’s due to be born sometime tomorrow and I can’t wait to meet him! I’ve made him a lot of things lately, but I saved the quilt for last, mostly because I had trouble deciding what it should look like. The original idea had inlaid circles, and I was […]

Growing up…

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The toddler spent Saturday with his grandparents while hubby and I painted a downstairs bedroom. Yep, we painted what used to be the office in chocolate brown and sky blue for the little guy. He’ll be moving downstairs to his big boy room in the next few weeks. We took a trip to Target last […]

Knitting in a vacuum

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I’m making surprisingly quick progress on the Hoover Blanket. And not much progress on anything else. That’s about a weeks worth of work up there. It helps that I’m dragging it to the couch twice a day to prop up my left ankle and knit, uninterrupted, for 30 minutes or so. That’s also why not […]

Giving credit where credit is due

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This is what was in the great package I got from Robyn for the Vintage Heart Swap. I should have posted this at least a week ago, but things got a little bit crazy around here. We moved my desk, and it hasn’t found a home yet. It’s put my whole computer life in disarray. […]

Where the sidewalk ends

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I loved Shel Silverstein when I was growing up. Actually, I still love his work; I can’t wait to share his poems and stories with my own kids. Hubby and I have had several occasions in life where we’ve come to the end of the sidewalk, both literally and metaphorically. You know those unexpected places […]

Keeping warm

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Maybe it’s just because I have a toddler at home this year, but it seems like this winter is never going to end. We really miss walking to the park everyday, the exercise and the hours of play outside these walls! I’m terribly afraid that by the time it’s warm enough to head outdoors again, […]

Irons in the fire

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I’m actually trying to post twice a day just to get caught up! We’ve got so very much going on, I’m terribly afraid that this pregnant mommy is going to forget something really important. We’re currently moving hubby’s home office into our guest room, my desk into our bedroom, and turning the old home office […]

I might become the bag lady

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Another item hiding in the basket I gave my sister-in-law was this bag. And I’m going to brag a bit here; I designed this puppy. This is actually version 2 of the bag, and there will definitely be a version 3 before it is all said and done. Ultimately, my plan is to write a […]

I caught the bug

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The applied I-cord bug, that is. That’s a photo of the finished knit baby blanket I gave my sister-in-law in the basket at her shower. It’s really just a basic log cabin with an applied I-cord border. The I-cord went pretty quick and was exactly what this blanket needed to pull it all together. It’s […]