Getting closer…

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The little guy LOVES to read. He’s trying out the window seat in what will be his new room. Soon. I plan on finishing his curtains today. Then we can hang them tonight and he can move tomorrow. If I really get my act together, I might even get his crib skirt finished. I ended […]


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We had some decidedly spring-like weather a couple of weeks ago, and the toddler and I took advantage of it. We headed out front with the side-walk chalk that he’d gotten for Christmas. Just like his Mama, he seems to really like drawing. And then there was today. Easter Sunday didn’t feel like Easter at […]


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I was reminded this morning in a most unusual way that I have a lot to be thankful for. I drove the truck loaded down with brush and a toddler to a composting facility. It rained a few inches here yesterday and the dump we headed too is just that, a dump with unpaved roads […]

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

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I always knew that my washing machine was important… I really needed a dose of spring today too. I miss green and flowers. Hubby and I used to drive to Texas for Spring Break every year and it was like fast forwarding into spring as we drove. I do believe that by the time it […]

Dreaming big

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I love it when the toddler wears our shoes. These are his dad’s and really a metaphor for his perspective in general: he’ll do anything daddy does. I’ve been falling short of my own big dreams lately. I did manage to finally un-bury the drafting table in my studio again, and hubby helped me put […]


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Some of you may not know this, but I’m a foodie. I usually leave my blogging to the studio, not the kitchen, but I just couldn’t help but take the leap up the stairs with this one. My cousin, Tamy, posted this recipe a couple of weeks ago. Being PB Chocolate freaks at our house, […]

Big and Little

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You’d think these two trucks came as a set, but they were bought by two separate Grandmothers, in two different cities, a year and a half apart. I love both of these trucks, and I’m loving the fact that we have a daddy truck and a baby truck. Speaking of big and little, I’ve finished […]

The elusive light at the end of the tunnel

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We’re still struggling a bit at our house. I don’t even have it in me to take pictures of the second newborn hat I knit. The toddler is still sick, and hubby and I had the intestinal ickies over the weekend. I keep thinking that we’re nearing the end; then we wake up to a […]