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I “lost” my library card. Not in the way that most people lose things; I actually know where it is. I just can’t retrieve it from inside the dryer vent. Apparently it was in the back pocket of my jeans when I put them in the wash. And somehow it ended up on the lint […]


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Still no baby. I’m trying to post a little something for you guys at least every couple of days; I don’t want to leave you hanging for too long for fear that you’ll assume our little one decided to arrive. I happen to be the first pregnant gal I’ve known to have all of her […]

Pint Sized

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The pint is a respectable serving size, right? We have a cabinet full of pint glasses in the kitchen; I drink water by the pint all the time. I’m finding that now that the baby has dropped so low, I can eat like you would not believe. And I’m REALLY hungry. Blackberries? Yeah, I ate […]

Another Beautiful Day

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I had a bloggy dream this afternoon when the toddler came up the front steps with a fistful of dandelion flowers for me of taking and posting a nice, well-lit photo of them in a vase for you guys to see. I will confess that it was mostly dark before I could have taken the […]

The belly runneth over

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You know you’re really pregnant when you outgrow maternity clothes. I had the unfortunate experience of trying to get dressed today. My one remaining pair of maternity jeans (I’m embarrassed to say that I split my favorite pair in the rear end a while back!) will no longer go all the way on. And I’m […]

Nope. Not Yet.

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My feet are so swollen that my toes look like stuffed sausages. The only comfortable position is with my feet propped up. My back finally started hurting when I stand for more than a few minutes, especially when it involves being in front of the sink. Oh, and I’m having trouble reaching the faucet. And […]


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This was lunch one day last week. Peanut butter stuffed french toast on whole wheat bread topped with warm, fresh strawberry jam. It really hit the spot, but was probably more work than I should be doing right now. I’m not usually one to have big time pregnancy cravings, but the past week has had […]

Movers and Shakers

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I cheated a bit on the lay on the couch rest the other night and got on the move a bit. I’d had one of those take it easy days, so I decided that sitting at the sewing machine was still sitting. I further justified it by reminding myself that all the parts were cut, […]

My Perch…

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Some of you need to see that I am actually propping my feet up often enough to get a photo. Yep, this is what I look like for the majority of nap time everyday. The top half has a remote, cell phone, laptop, and water. I’m good until my rump falls asleep. Then I just […]

Laboring in vain

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According to our doctor, as of yesterday, there hadn’t been much more progress made. That means the few contractions I did have since our last appointment haven’t gotten us far. This is really good news; I’m still suppose to take it easy though. I figure since washing a few dishes, folding clothes, and occasionally preparing […]