Down time

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I realized the other day that my self-imposed maternity leave will be coming to an end very soon. And I don’t at all feel prepared to head back to my studio. Frankly, I’m afraid of it. I’m so embarrassed by what you can find down there that I won’t even show you guys pictures. The […]

The naked truth

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No five minutes after hubby left for work this morning the toddler stripped down to socks and a diaper, leaving this pile on the floor. Turns out that clothing is optional at our house for the time being. I’m just glad that he chose to wear a diaper. For some reason, though, the newfound nakedness […]

Pity party

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I actually told hubby this evening that I was going to go upstairs, put on my PJ’s, and come back down to sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself for a while. My pity party was interrupted before it even got started by a phone call from my friend Amy, and the first […]

They paved paradise…

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I’ve recently decided that I should give my kids something handmade for each of their birthdays. We’ll still buy them something too, but I really want to start a tradition. And so far, so good. The toddler got his blanket when he turned one and a parking lot this year for number 2. Parking lot? […]

The last skein

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Yep, the last skein of Blue Sky Organic Cotton became a ball today. I hope that ball will start slowly becoming part of the blanket sometime today, but that will require some serious sleeping and good behavior on the part of my kids. The list of things to get done this week seems to be […]

Things that start with “t”: the Tour and Target

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The toddler spent a few precious minutes on the couch watching the Tour de France with his dad last night. Hubby’s been waiting for two years to have him sit down and watch cycling with him. And while it only lasted for a few short minutes, I could tell that they both enjoyed their time […]


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The toddler turned two today. We’re having a party for him next weekend with family and a few friends. Today, we started with pancakes and bacon for breakfast, took a family trip to the zoo and had lunch out. The weather was perfect, and he really enjoyed the train. Up there he’s at the tale […]

Out of the mouths of babes

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The newest member of our family has taken quite well to napping in the bouncey seat. I figured you guys would appreciate an updated photo of the little guy. He’s gained a ton of weight and definitely has his fair share of rolls. No shortage of baby fat has not produced the 7 or 8 […]