Perfect Evening

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One afternoon a couple of weeks ago I took the boys up to hubby’s studio for pictures. The baby fell asleep in the car, so the toddler stayed for pictures and the baby and I headed to Home Depot to buy containers and flowers to plant outside hubby’s front windows. While I planted the container […]

Itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny…

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Not so yellow, not polka-dotted, and definitely not a bikini! This little newborn hat will be on it’s way to Texas soon along with some other things I’m working on sewing. See, I have been knitting! The yarn is some sock yarn from the swap I went to a while back. I should probably thank […]

Table for 8 please

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We had some friends over for dinner yesterday. Amy and Adam have two kids about the same ages as our two. Their little girl will be two soon and their baby boy is just two weeks younger than ours. And ours will be four months next week! Can you believe that? We are continually shocked […]

Hair Raising

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A somewhat scary and little known fact about me is that my hair has not been cut in about two and a half years, since a bit before my first son was born. I know; that’s just plain wrong. Not good for my hair, my whole self, my looks. I should take better care of […]

Quintessential two

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“Are you two?’ “Nope. G not two.” Well, there you have it. He is two; so he’s definitely NOT two. And he’s full of funny things that would have qualified him for the Bill Cosby show Kids say the Darndest Things. The first words out of his mouth one morning last week when I went […]

I made a dent

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Yep, that’s the hood of hubby’s car. It seems to attract road debris; its sustained much damage through simply being at the wrong spot at the wrong time. There was a section of tire tread on I-35 about 40 miles out of town that did a number on it. I was driving then too. Tire […]

Au Naturel and woo-hoo!!!!!!!

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I got tagged for the six random things meme that’s going around by my cousin Tamy. I should disclose that I think she tagged me for the seven random things one a while back and I neglected to participate. I wasn’t ignoring it, I had just recently posted seven random things, and, well, fourteen seemed […]

Nap time?

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The toddler is having nap time issues. This is really not new for him. He was a classic short napper as a baby, and he fought naps much harder than he did bedtime. He would go to bed at night awake, but would not go down for a nap unless he was out cold. Eventually […]

Wide Open Spaces

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I’ve had the Dixie Chicks song of the same title in my head for some of the evening this evening. It’s been one of those days where if I wasn’t holding one kiddo, I was the other. Both of them seemed to just have a high need for touch today. The toddler’s been extra whiny […]

From the top down

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It’s amazing to me how different something can look in a picture. I took that photo of a baby praying mantis last week while we were playing out back. At the time, I wasn’t even positive what kind of insect it was. After I got the pics into my computer, I confirmed my hunch. He […]