Oh, poop!

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I’ve been wanting to post this for a while, but I just couldn’t seem to find the right image. I mean there’s plenty of actual poop around here for me to photograph, but really, you don’t want to see that! There’s two kids in diapers. That’s at least two poopies a day I change… Then […]

Somebody, please stop the craziness?

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My dad came for his birthday a week and a half ago. Yep, we’ve had so much going on that I haven’t shared much of anything in a while. And I just now got the pictures off my camera. I made him a birthday cake and we threw him a little dinner party with all […]


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A friend of mine came by last week for an evening to borrow my spinning wheel, and since I only own three bobbins, I figured that I needed to empty them for her. I spent one evening spinning and plying and came up with two skeins of yarn. I’m calling one of them my random […]

Super Secret Surprise

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m crazy. I’m still working on this surprise for hubby. Basic calculations have completion in approximately 9 years. I’d love to tell you what it is, or even give you a link to the inspiration for the project, but hubby confessed the other day that he’s forgotten what it […]

What can brown do for you?

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Out of the blue the other day the toddler offers up “Big brown truck have box inside”. I think for a minute and then say that yes, the big brown truck does have boxes in it. Our friendly UPS guy comes here several times a week with deliveries for hubby’s business. Turns out that the […]


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I sent these fat quarters to my cousin Tamy for her birthday. I didn’t think too long before I decided to send her fabric. I wanted to send her something she would enjoy, but also something she could really use. So, I sent her something that I would like to get. She called today to […]

Bagging it again

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It’s decidedly not early September-like here today. It’s raining and when I ventured out with the boys to the bank and post office this morning, it was only in the upper 50’s. I can remember having half days when I was teaching due to the heat sometimes this late in the year! I’m not certain […]

Drool Catchers – A cloth diaper burp cloth tutorial

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The baby has gotten really drool-y. Even though he doesn’t spit up much, I decided the make us some burp clothes just to keep our shoulders dry. I posted about these before here. Don’t worry, the flowery ones in that picture are a gift. I started with a package of these cloth diapers. If you […]