You’re invited…

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We’re at it again. This time both hubby and I will join a group of other artists for a show Friday, November 7. Hubby graciously lent me his Holga so I could shoot for the show. Then he generously donated his time to help me post-process my photos! The toddler even has a photo in […]

Life line? What life line?

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Oops… So I messed up. What else is new? 😉 I know that it looks like the lace scarf is coming along quite swimmingly up there, but well, it WAS at that point. Last night I decided to over come my fears and move on to the next set in the pattern. And I decided […]

So maybe I lied?

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That’s the latest addition to the collection of blocks for the Super Secret Surprise for hubby. I mentioned last week that I would show you proof of my continuing to knit something that I knew wouldn’t turn out. I was wrong, I think… You can’t really tell in the photo, but the center of the […]

If the sweater fits…

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Hubby just couldn’t stand it; he took the sweater and the toddler back to the changing table this morning. The verdict was “tight, but do-able”. And then the toddler insisted on wearing it for a while. *sigh* Happy Mama insisted that hubby take some photos. And my awesome hubby also emailed them to me today! […]

Super Star

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Guess what? I have finishitis again. So far this week I have finished three things! This one was on the needles for well over a year! I’m pretty excited to have it done, and yet I haven’t ventured to try it on the toddler yet. I’m terribly afraid that it will not go over his […]

So it turns out…

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That I’ve gone from having THAT baby to having *that* cute baby. That the baby loves being worn face out at JoAnn’s. He talked, kicked, smiled and giggled for all the shoppers and employees on Sunday. That I’m still on a dairy free diet. That lace knitting requires more concentration than I can give to […]

Hubby does it better…

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He took the boys and me out for a little photo shoot yesterday afternoon. I know I’m married to him, and, therefore, a little biased, but he really is AWESOME at what he does. I couldn’t post a picture here today. Not only do I not have anything new photos, even if I did, there’s […]

Along for the ride

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So, I joined a knit a long on Facebook. I’ve decided to use that yarn up there from my stash to knit one of these. It’s my first foray into true lace, and so far it’s going pretty well. I only had to rip out the first four rows once before I got the hang […]

True confessions

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So here it is. I’m only willing to post one picture of the current condition of my studio space. The other views would have been WAY too embarrassing. And it’s a crappy picture at that; my studio is in our unfinished basement. Lack of natural light combined with crummy D70 flash means this will just […]

Tummy Time Thoughts

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Every time we put the baby down for tummy time, the toddler insists on joining in. As if he needs time on his tummy to keep his head from getting flat! It does make for some cute photo ops, but I rarely get the camera in time. One of them moves, or, more likely, tries […]