Snowy Saturday

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We awoke this morning to the 2 inches they had predicted, but it just kept coming down. All told, it seems we got 4 or 5 inches at our house. That meant a lot of shoveling for the boys. Hubby: And helper: Working together: And hubby grabbed my camera to get this shot of the […]

All the way up from my toes

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A while back I bought myself a new pair of shoes. Keen, Mary Janes. I was thrilled to find them on sale; I’d been wanting a pair of comfy mary janes for a while. And they just happen to be a bit reminiscent of Elvis. I remember my mom putting a Scotch Guard on our […]

Swirly part 2

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Here it is; at long last. I know I’ve been promising you this one for a while, but we just kept eating it before I could get any photos taken! This time I took the photos after it was sliced, but before I served it just in case. I can’t take all the credit on […]

Always Winter

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This is my least favorite part of winter. While I enjoy the seasons, the last part of winter has always been tough for me. When I was still teaching I would start joking around the end of January that it was time to fly south. Being a native Texan, I may not have entirely been […]

Squeaky Clean

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I really do wish that I had more to show you, but, well… We polished off two more loaves of cinnamon swirl bread without me getting a photo, and I’m still not happy enough with the recipe to post it yet. I’m staying very busy, but not getting a lot finished. There were many giggles […]

Be Mine

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Happy Valentine’s Day! A little late. I took a bit of an unexpected break. It started with a crazy amount of knitting to get done in time for Valentine’s while I was preparing to host my father as a house guest. Papa George was here over Valentine’s weekend. Then there was the lunch party at […]

Swirly part 1

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I’ve been into baking swirls lately. That’s a chocolate peanut butter pinwheel cookie up there. I’ve also been working on a recipe for cinnamon swirl bread that I think I have just about right. I’d love to post about it, but we seem to eat every loaf before I can get the camera and take […]


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I had two skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton that had been in my stash for a while, and I really wanted to knit them into a sweater for the baby. I hunted and hunted for the perfect pattern, but I couldn’t find one I liked. I just wanted a plain, simple sweater. So […]

Resolutions revisited

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I think it might be a good idea for me to do a monthly report on how I’m doing with all those resolutions. Shortly after the initial post, I decided on one addition to the list. Remember the Super Secret Surprise (SSS)? I have 5 blocks finished out of 30; I figure if I finish […]