Home Sweet Home

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I’ll be heading back to Kansas City tomorrow, and I’ll be leaving these guys and so many other things that I love in Texas. My dad is improving slowly, but making progress none the less. I am, admittedly, torn about going home; part of me wants to stay and help take care of him. All […]

Stealing Home

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The toddler did something new the other day with blocks; he built something. Normally we build things; he just knocks them down. It should be noted that his preferred method is while riding on a truck, but I digress. What he built was a house, complete with front and back doors, a roof, and on […]

Old friends revisited

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I had the absolute pleasure of receiving company at my father’s house this morning. My good friend Joie stopped by with her daughter to spend some time with the baby and me. I am always amazed at how easy it is for us to pick up where we left off; it is usually months or […]

On the road

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I took my show on the road today. The baby and I headed out to Houston to be with my dad while he has triple bypass surgery on Friday. I will try to continue to post everyday, but we’ll see… Yesterday, well, you’ll just have to forgive me. My day long illness ended with Hubby […]

Little feet

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Truth be told, I have something akin to the opposite of a foot fetish; I just don’t like other people’s feet. I could never be a masseuse or do nails, as it would require me to touch them. I can’t explain it. So very little grosses me out, and yet, feet do. The story of […]

Buds and blooms

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Getting my gauge on

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Spot on, for once. That’s the finished gauge swatch for Unmentionables. I found Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece in that lovely blush color on clearance at the Yarn Barn a while back. A LONG while back. I think it’s the perfect color for the pattern, and I’m really excited about it, just don’t call it pink, […]

Caught up!

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I’d love to say that I am ALL caught up, but that’s just too good to be true. I’ve come to terms with the fact that that’s just not going to happen. Life is messy; that’s part of the fun right? I am happy to report that the March SSS block is finished. It brings […]

Let them eat…

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I had a brain storm the other day when watching something about food on TV, and I just had to try it. What if I could make a cake that tasted like a chocolate chip cookie? In my head it was the ultimate in cakes. That’s the last piece of it up there. And I […]