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I’ve been working on two projects for my mom; one for mother’s day, and one for her birthday. Both of them involve taking photos of some things and places in our area. My mom was moved into an assisted living place a few months after the toddler was born. She moved again only a few […]

Dancing with a cobra

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I know it sounds a little like playing with fire, and I’m certain that in the most literal of contexts that dancing with an actual cobra is not a recommended practice. It reminds me of the mission trips I used to take to West Virginia growing up; the was a snake handling church on one […]

Momentarily off the needles

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I finished the top part of Unmentionables last night. I knit all the way through church, in the car to and from Costco, during most of Marley and Me, and while sitting in bed to make it happen. And it was SO worth it! I happily tried on what I have so far this afternoon […]

Baby Blues

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If you ask me, there’s just nothing cuter than a baby in blue jeans. Those little jeans up there are on boy number two, and after two “crawlers” they are starting to show their age a bit. We love it! This baby has worn out one knee much faster than the other due to the […]

Big Day!

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Some photos of our busy Saturday climbing in trucks, BIG trucks, and seeing the Marching Cobras at a friend’s birthday party. Many thanks to Aunt Kate for putting on Trucks and Big Rigs for Kids and our friends Roger and Michelle for sharing an awesome birthday experience with us.

Carpe Diem

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While I am no an existentialist, as a stay at home mom you learn very quickly to seize opportunities when they present themselves. This week has been an especially stressful one at our house; so when the toddler chose to go with dad to work this morning, I immediately began picking up the house. Oh, […]

An accidental tribute

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The April SSS block was finished on Monday night, but I’ve been a bit under the weather. The boys both also have some kind of nasal funk, so things really haven’t been getting done around here, but that’s another story. I really like the subtlety of the red on red stripes in this block. I […]

Rainy Saturday

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We’re having a pretty lazy day around here. After a six in the morning wake up call from the baby, we had a leisurely family breakfast, played for a while, saw Hubby off to work for the morning, and put the baby down for a nap. That when the toddler voluntarily cleaned up all his […]


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It’s been rough week around here. We’re just having one of those weeks where no one’s been in the best of moods. The baby is going through one of those clingy, developmental phases, the toddler has kicked up his tantrum throwing crazies a notch or two, hubby has had evening appointments that have kept him […]

Introducing Alba

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This is Alba, our newest family member and finned friend. Hubby and the toddler picked him out while the baby and I were in Texas a couple of weeks ago. I have to admit that I love Alba. He’s happily stationed on one of our kitchen counters under Mama’s watchful eye, but where the toddler […]