Ahhhhh, Summer

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I’m loving the weather right now. We are expanding our horizons and spending much more time outside. The smell of honeysuckle first thing in the morning is a welcome addition around here. It’s a smell that takes me back to my own childhood in Houston; we had honeysuckle growing on the fence to the east […]


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Today is my anniversary. Eleven years of mostly bliss. We’ve had our fair share of struggles, but we’ve worked through them. And we are still madly in love! While Hubby was shooting a wedding today, I made something he’s never heard of that I knew he’d love: whoopie pies. Being a good Texas girl I […]

Some important moments…

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…from the toddler’s day. Doing “dishes”. Watching the roll-off dumpster get delivered next door.

Who wears the pants?

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Turns out that in this case it’s the baby. One became two today as I recycled an old tee from the Gap into a pair of baby pants and a pair of toddler shorts. Old as in I remember wearing it in high school! Let me remind you that it took me five years to […]

The little table that could

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That’s the top for a drafting table that was my dad’s. He designed and built it when he was in college when he and my mom were first married. Over the years it’s traveled from Lawrence to Topeka to Houston. I remember that table residing in the guest room, a room we called the front […]

So I cheated a bit

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I came to realize at some point in time last week that I just can’t quit sewing altogether until the studio is done. At the pace I’m moving, the studio is liable to take a couple of months to finish, and we have sewing “needs” to work with around here. A very special little guy […]

Happy findings

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Occasionally I find something around the house that just makes me smile. The other day I found that the toddler had parked his beloved bucket truck by my Mexican sugar mold candle holder and extended the bucket. I chuckled when I saw it, and I’ve left it right as I found it to bring continued […]

Al Fresco

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I love the weather here in KC this time of year. It’s been warm, and we are spending a lot of time outside. The toddler can entertain himself for hours in the backyard. We spent some time drawing letters together in his sandbox this morning before I did some outdoor knitting while he had a […]

Have I mentioned…

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The Unmentionables lately? Didn’t think I had, and figured I should show you that all I have left is the lace edging and some grafting. I’m taking a break to knit the May block for the SSS, but as soon as I get that done I’ll head back to working on these until they are […]

Simple Pleasures

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A meal for an imaginary friend – A new beginning – A favorite window – A treasured tree – A fresh coat of paint waiting to happen