Toddler’s Surprise Contest Clue #2

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This is another photo of the surprise I’m working on for the toddler for his birthday. I think it’s really too soon in this game to start giving you any clues other than the photos. Remember the other clue photo is here. And the rules can be found at the end of this post, but […]

A weekend’s worth of creating and a contest!

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I spent much of my weekend (when I wasn’t being an active mama…) creating. While I never get as much finished as I think I should, it’s always good to look back at what I did get done: – A cake for a very special 35th anniversary. – A library tote for one of the […]

Urban Alphabet – Cards

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The Urban Alphabet book was my first idea for using all the letters we had. It wasn’t until I watched the toddler playing with the letters from his room that spell his name that I thought, “Duh! We need to make cards with letters on them!” I took the same photos I used for the […]

Urban Alphabet – A Book

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I know I mentioned the toddler and my hunt for letters earlier here. That book up there is our first finished product. I was super excited about its arrival today; the toddler hardly even noticed, even when I sat him down and made a big deal about it. I’m hoping that it will grow on […]

In the works

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There’s a flurry of projects underway around here. We’re hard at work in the yard clearing out weeds and headed for planning some big landscaping projects outback. Our new buddy Mr. Brian is working hard on our front yard and the outdoor entry to our house. There’s also a lot of learning going on around […]

Another Secret

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The toddler has a birthday coming up soon, and I’ve been hard at work. I firmly believe that celebrations in our family should always include something hand made. We’ve kept up the tradition of presenting each of the boys with something one or the other of us has crafted so far, and this, the toddler’s […]


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I came home from a birthday party in Lawrence on Saturday afternoon to this going on outside: And this in the backseat of the truck: We were simply going to stop by and pick up the steamed veggies we were taking to a picnic. Since it was just me and both little boys, we opted […]

Father’s Day

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Father’s Day was rather laid back around here. Oh, we celebrated all right, but we missed church due to a toddler meltdown of epidemic proportions at the exact time at which we needed to leave. So, we came back in the house, got everyone a snack, regrouped, and headed out to lunch. Later, we met […]

The Library Tote

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I noted in this post that we have a lot of kids birthdays coming up and that I needed an easy gift. This is my solution: The Library Tote. It’s a 10 by 12 inch lined tote bag with a single pocket on the outside divided to hold a pencil and some post-its or index […]

Mystery Solved

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After the trouble I had with this block, I was a bit hesitant to start on another diagonal block for the SSS. But I only had the one block on the diagonal so far, and I didn’t think the finished piece would look right with just one. Plus, I didn’t want the one block to […]