Worn Out

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That’s my current pair of Birkenstocks. I wear them almost everywhere; I remember wearing them with the buckles let all the way out shortly after the toddler was born. They are, without a doubt, worn completely out. I do believe that it is time for a new pair. The birks are not the only thing […]

Preservation – Blackberry Peach Jam recipe

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Somehow, amidst all the craziness this week, I managed to make and can blackberry peach jam. I’ve been playing around with jam for a while now, and I am happily stewing it up with only a little honey, lemon, and butter in addition to the fruit. That’s right, no refined sugar and no pectin. This […]

Free toddler entertainment…

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…brought right to your backyard. The guys from Surewest kept the toddler glued to the windows yesterday while they buried a new fiber optic line to our house. I had trouble tearing him away from the sliding glass door to go to the grocery store. Today was a different story. We were up until almost […]

Supa Sweet New Kicks

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We took the boys shopping over the weekend. Frankly, shopping for anything other than groceries is not something we do a lot of these days; we don’t need much, and we don’t have a ton to spend. Occasionally, though, little boys need new shoes, and if you have to get new shoes, these are pretty […]

And it came in the mail

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I owe it all to Ravelry and a very kind and generous knitter in Fairfield, TX. Remember the Unmentionables? I ran out of yarn, and I hunted on Ravelry until I found someone who had half a skein in the dye lot I needed. The fellow knitter was kind enough to mail me the yarn […]

The garden bike

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Yeah, I know that bike hasn’t been ridden in years. I also know that it is one of my favorite things we keep in the yard. I found it on the curb for large item pick up a few years ago down the block from our last house. I just *had* to rescue it, so […]

A day at the farmstead

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A while back we headed out to Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead for a morning of family fun. If you are in this area, make some time to take a small person you know to visit this FREE farm, garden, petting zoo, etc. in Overland Park. We always have a great time together when we are […]


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I can’t take credit for any of this awesome stuff, but I do get to enjoy it! Our bag from our CSA was so full yesterday I didn’t think I was ever going to get to the bottom of it! There was no way to get it all in one photo! In addition to more […]

A little vacay

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I think I completely forgot to mention that we headed out for a short family vacation this past Sunday. Hubby had a rare summer Saturday off, so we planned some family time and a trip; without a wedding on Saturday there was much less post processing to do this week. We hit the road with […]


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I had some help watering the herbs and flowers we have in containers around here today. And some help watering the weeds too! And Hubby had a little help steering the lawn tractor back to the garage. Before we had dinner together outback tonight, the toddler ventured off the deck with his garden tools for […]