Braised Beef Short Rib Ragu

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We had this yummy, fancy, pasta for dinner about a week ago. The baby loved it, but the toddler wouldn’t try it. Which is weird, since he normally loves pasta. The pasta itself was a whole wheat orchetta from Whole Foods, and while it was a bit pricey, it was very worth it! The sauce […]

Our little photographer

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He loves his cameras; one more thing that makes him just like his dad. Well, and his mama; hence me having so very many pictures of him taking pictures!

Jam Packed

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Yep. More jam was made; Tuesday to be exact. I made blueberry this time, and while a friend sent me a link to a recipe, I didn’t even look at it. I just made jam. My buddy Amy, who I mentioned yesterday, came over with her kids. She’s experienced at freezer jam, but hadn’t ever […]

Homemade Deodorant – It really works!

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I’m shocked, completely blown away shocked I tell you; this stuff works. It works better than anything I have ever used! Well, so far anyway. I’ve only been at it two days, but one of them was actually a really warm day and I made jam. Usually that is a sure fire way to get […]

The laundry monsters

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We have monsterous mountains of laundry around here most of the time. I have trouble keeping up with it. And not just actually washing, drying and folding it. Sometimes it literally runs through the house: Don’t let the baby fool you; he get’s in on the action as well. He may look innocent here, but […]

Buns in the oven

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We’ve had some serious trouble finding good, all natural burger/sandwich buns around here. Our Whole Foods only carries the Rudy’s, and they are dry and tough. Sometimes I get lucky and they have the Whole Foods’ brand, which are pretty good, but it’s a rare occasion. Hubby asked me to try making some buns. I […]

Saturdays mean

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…trips to Fresher than Fresh for yummy, all natural, unique snow cones. (Think honey apricot, blackberry lavender and watermelon basil!) …getting to use a real camera. …”working” with daddy. …taking time to be together. …a trip to the car show.

Flower Pot

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Quite literally, a pot full of flowers. These actually were cooked, in water, on the stove for near 3 hours. I bet you’re just “dying” to know what they were for? 😉

Raining on our parade

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I’m certain you’ve heard of making lemonade, you know, when life hands you lemons… Well, we made tea instead. So much, in fact, that we tea stained the driveway: The story really starts here. I figured that if I laid it all out like that, kept the tea bags moist, and let the sun do […]

Strange weather indeed – chocolate play dough and strawberry jam recipes

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We’ve already gotten 3 times our normal amount of rain for the month of August. I’m sure that the farmers are loving not having to water their crops, and we are definitely enjoying the cooler temps that have come along with it, but some days we feel a little, well, stuck indoors. We woke up […]