In the Making

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Materials for a little project I’ve had in my head for quite a while. It’s one of those things that I think our family will use often during the winter months, and now that fall is upon us and we are slowly starting to draw inward, I think it’s time for me to make it […]

Self Portrait

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I hadn’t taken any of these in a while, and I certainly hadn’t posted one. So, here you go! Have a good Tuesday, and find something reflective to shoot yourself in today.

One Part Art. One Part Science. One Part Laundry.

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All of the results of my recent experiments in dying will be on display on Friday night in all their *ahem* “glory”. This show is a huge departure from my past work, so I’m a bit anxious about it. I was so looking forward to this show, and I still am, but I am very […]

Twin Library Totes

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We’ve had one very busy Saturday around here. The boys and I left around 8:15 this morning to go walk the 5K Step Out for Diabetes walk; many of my relatives have diabetes as do a few of my friends. I am keenly aware that I am at risk, as are my kids, simply because […]

The September Block

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Yep, I finished the September block for the SSS early! I love the simplicity of this block. I think that it will really help balance things out with all the other blocks, and I am thinking that a few more super simple blocks are in order. I’ve knitted my fingers off this week so I […]

Going for a ride

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Last Saturday the morning preschooler was over at Grandma and Papa’s house headed to an early morning tailgate party before the game. So Hubby and I loaded this little guy’s carseat into the backseat of the Beetle and took him for a short ride to the Mission Art and Eats Festival. The festival itself wasn’t […]

Market Day

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Almost all summer long Wednesday was the day we headed out to the farmer’s market to pick up our CSA share and some other locally grown produce. Early this morning the toddler (so strange calling him that…) and I headed out to pick up our second to last share. There was a fall chill in […]

Homemade Not So Goodness

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I mentioned big changes a bit back, saying that I was hoping to be feeling much better soon. It took me a bit to have the guts to take the plunge and a bit longer to actually do it, but here I am, a full week into The Maker’s Diet. I’m not going to lie; […]

Facing the Strange

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It’s time for a few changes. The bigger boy around here headed “back to school” last week, and although he’s not potty trained, and, therefore, not going to preschool, he is doing preschool at home with me. I think that qualifies him to move from me calling him the toddler to the preschooler, don’t you? […]

Coffee or Tea, Anyone?

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Would you like fabric with that? The experiments I’ve been doing with this piece of fabric have spurred some questions which required a bit of investigation on the side. I ordered some cotton hankies from Dharma Trading Company and got to work. Mostly, I was curious about the effect of mordanting with alum on different […]