Yay! Finally a shop update and a give away

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I’ll make this quick and simple; I posted the shop update today. It is small, but it’s a start. There’s one journal wrap (pictured above), a set of the Urban Alphabet cards, an Urban Alphabet book, and some re-listed Christmas prints. The item I am most excited about is the Picture Starters. It’s not exactly […]

Happy Socks

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Still sleepy and in his pj’s, and he’s already taking some of daddy’s socks for a ride. All I did was get him out of bed, bring him downstairs and nurse him. The rest was all the little guy. Hope you laughed as much as we did. There are so many moments like this one […]

Getting Closer: A Granola Recipe

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I had a helper on a stool late last week when I decided to give homemade granola another go. Turns out that the preschooler is rather handy at stirring as long as you have a REALLY big bowl. I’m loving this particular granola for breakfast with milk on it, but the boys aren’t so sure […]

An afternoon in the trees

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We headed out to the Overland Park Arboretum a bit back with some friends. I took the ATW (all terrain wagon) along in case anyone wanted a ride, but rides were rare and pushes were common. The botanical gardens have lots and lots of falls. The boys were all fascinated by them. Look who is […]

Yep, he’s definitely a boy…

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The toddler was taking his afternoon nap, the preschooler was out back playing, and I was plucking the stems off of green beans in the kitchen for dinner when I heard a tell-tale bang and crash. I walked out on the back deck to see this innocent looking kiddo swinging a broom at one of […]

Bucket Full of Yum

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For a while now I’ve had a Monday night gathering of knitting friends at my home. We are a tiny group, usually only two of us present on any given Monday, that grew somewhat organically out of my need for some time with other women. (I do live in house full of boys…) Over my […]

On the knitting front

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There is just so very little of what I have been working on lately that I can share in this space. It seems like everything is a gift for someone these days; luckily my boys aren’t old enough to read my blog yet. I decided when the toddler adopted a scarf of mine that it […]

with Style

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We woke this morning to a bit of drippy, slippery, winter wonder. I smiled sleepily when I glanced out of the bathroom window this morning, toothbrush in hand, to see snow clinging to the trees. I smiled even bigger when I opened the shade in the toddler’s room and his eyes widened at the unremembered […]

Another day, another park

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Not today, of course. It was a chilly, rainy Monday here in the KC area today, but the last couple of weeks were amazingly beautiful here. We had several two park days, and I’ve joked more than a few times that we were on the park tour of our area. In addition to getting the […]

Again with the pancakes

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Apple cinnamon pancakes this time. They were a hit around here and a perfect way to use up some yummy homemade apple sauce Grandma sent home with us. We’ve also tried a recipe for peanut butter pancakes, but it didn’t go over very well. Back to the drawing board on that one. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes […]