Saying Goodbye: A Small Change Update

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Oh, the unwanted and unneeded paper that comes to our house in the mail! Our recycle bin could be filled with things that we never look at! We’ve decided to make our small change for this month (I know; I’m a bit late…) getting of off mailing lists for unwanted catalogs. I signed up with […]

Give and Take

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You know those days where the tiniest little thing throws you for a loop? The ones where you are grumpy all day, and the proverbial Murphy seems to strike? Today was one of those days. Everyone was out of sorts at our house; Hubby and I even snapped at each other a bit before we […]

Look What I Can Do!

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The preschooler found my new paper punches (bought just for the tea dying you saw yesterday) hidden away in the kitchen. Oh my, is he really old enough for it? Yes. Yes, he is! I was shocked at how well he did with this, and he kept himself busy punching out hearts for a good […]

Playing the Waiting Game

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Yep, I’m up to more fabric dying. This was to be an experiment to verify something I discovered last time I tea dyed, and, as of this morning at the 24 hour mark, it’s not working. I’m hoping that extra time will make the difference, but that leaves me anxiously waiting for the tea to […]

It Just Keeps Coming!

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This winter has been one for the record books around here; I’ve never seen snow around my own house like this before. As a matter of fact, the only times I’ve ever seen snow like this have been skiing. We had all manner of winter precipitation over the weekend, and it left us with a […]

A Super Secret Surprise Update

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The super secret surprise (SSS) is coming right along on schedule. I have successfully finished a block a month since the beginning of last year. Hubby is quietly playing along and pretending that he doesn’t know what all these blocks are going to become. Nineteen of the needed 30 blocks are finished, and I’m starting […]

Week in Review

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Just a few scenes from our world over the last few days.

Just a taste of things to come…

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We took advantage of a tiny taste of almost spring-like weather yesterday and headed to the zoo after nap. We got to see these! Yep, our shadows! It was a very big deal; we haven’t had much sun around here lately. We saw a few animals, too. It was the zoo after all, and we […]

Braised Beef Short Ribs with Parmesan Garlic Polenta

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Our friend Dave graciously shared his short rib recipe with me a long while back, and it has served us well. This one is what we make for company. I love how this one comes together, and the flavors are just right, every time. Hubby and the boys like to eat it over brown rice, […]

The giant human taco

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Have you ever pretended to eat one of your children while they were folded up in a rug? Yep, the preschooler invented the giant human taco with a rug at my parents’ house. I really enjoyed tickling the taco a lot, but my favorite part was watching the toddler try to eat the taco. Wasn’t […]