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We headed to Deanna Rose Farmstead today for a bit, and I took a few portraits.


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I need a primal yawlp today. That’s all I’m gonna say about it. Hopefully be back tomorrow feeling more like sharing and with more to share.

First Letters

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We have moved our learning out of doors of late, and we are all working on learning letters at our own perfect spot. The little guy is just starting to recognize letters, but I figure he’ll be jumping on them right on the money before the end of the summer. The bigger little guy is […]

Marching right through April

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Yep, it’s the March block for the SSS. I actually finished it on April 3, but I am just now getting around to posting it. The April block, well, I’m guessing it will be raining on May a bit; I haven’t even started it yet. I do have other knitting up my sleeve though…

Like a kid in a…

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…well, a whole bunch of big trucks. We took the boys to the second annual (We went last year too!) Trucks and Big Rigs for Kids event this past Saturday. There’s absolutely nothing like getting to see the look on your little boy’s face when he honks the horn on a garbage truck. All I […]

Summer Yum – Peanut Butter Chocolate “Swirl” Ice Cream

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Yum. YUM. Seriously, YUM! I ate some amazing ice cream while we were in Florida, so I decided that we needed to give it a spin at home, our way. This was the first go, and it went great. The first bonus: this one was super easy and took me fewer than 15 minutes of […]

In A Jam

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8 pounds of strawberries (That’s my largest stock pot FULL!) + 6 tablespoons butter + juices of 1 lemon + 3 cups honey = lots of compost & 14 jars of jam

Wrapping it all up

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All in all, Hubby and I had an amazing, wonderful trip together. It was awesome to have time together to truly relax! Plus, we had a whole ton of fun… We took in a Devil Rays game while we were there. For the record, that’s not our kid… We ate wonderful meals with empty laps […]

At the end of the day.

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Our last evening in Florida looked something like this: Take time to watch the end of the day and build something playful; it was so wonderful.

Being Thumper

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We are all having a bit of a tough time adjusting to being back at home, and as such, today was one of those very tough days. There are so very many wonderful things that I have to share with you, but I just don’t have it in me tonight. I’m so grumpy that I […]