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I grew a wild hair and drove the boys all the way out to Shawnee Mission Park this evening to play and have a picnic dinner. Some friends joined us for dinner, but we had an hour or so of time to play and wander before they arrived. I am happy to report that we […]


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We started a new backyard project yesterday about which I am pretty excited! The preschooler and I are building a lean to. He only stays focused on it for a while, but I am certain that he will LOVE it when it is finished. I am also certain that it will be the little boy […]

Better Late…

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We started seeds a good LONG time ago, and they have grown and grown and grown. Most of them were ready to harden off a bit back, but we don’t have a garden yet in which to plant them. Oh, we started clearing a spot about 2 months ago. I battled what most have been […]

New Frontiers

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The toddler is quickly adapting to the quintessential role of a two year old, and he is loving trying new things. He is, for all practical purposes, convinced that he can do everything that everyone else in the family does and a few things that we don’t: like stand on the arm of the couch. […]

Busy Saturday

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Our busy Saturday included: bubble blowing and fire fighting. Happy weekend!

Feeling Loved

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I made this fabric book for a print making project when I was in undergrad at KU. It’s about the seasons. I chose an image and a color to represent each season, and I sewed the entire thing together so it opens, alternately, up and down and side by side. I understand that the construction […]

A little adventure

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I was blessed by my in-laws to have some time alone with my younger son late last week. We headed out on an adventure just the two of us. A photo, shot from the hip, of my date for the afternoon A mama loved stone wall A little guy who enjoyed moving at HIS pace […]

April Showers On

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It’s the middle of May. I am just now finishing the April block for the SSS, and it has rained and rained and rained here. Today was actually sunny, but we are expecting more rain tomorrow and Thursday. Between the rain, the boys, and all the other big things we have going on around here, […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Oat Bars

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We are always looking for yummy, healthy snacks around here. A good long while back, we tried a recipe for peanut butter oat bars that we liked. We even made it several times, but after a while, we moved on because we all felt like something was amiss with these. They were good, but just […]