Super Heros

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Please excuse what just might be the world’s worst photos! The boys were recently invited to a birthday party for a friend; it was the first of a round of four year old parties. We are also in the planning stages for our own four year old’s party; he, however, refuses to turn 4. He […]

Blueberry Cereal Bar Recipe

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Recently, Hubby was diagnosed with some food allergies, including peanuts and sesame. It meant that his favorite fruit filled cereal bars are not on the list of things he can’t have. The search for a recipe for fruit cereal bars began, and turned up mostly results that were not at all what we wanted. What […]

June, in June!

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The June block for the SSS is finished! And I finished it in June! I’m thrilled to be moving on to start something new tonight. You know, after I manage to wind the yarn…

At the Ballpark

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One of our wonderful dates last week was to the ballgame with friends. We had a FABULOUS evening. It started off with a tasty, albiet hot and windy, tailgate dinner before the game, continued with amazing seats and wonderful company, and ended with a pleasant and breezy evening that had us hanging out in the […]

A Day at the Farm

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We headed to a local dairy farm for a tour today; the folks at Shatto Milk are kind enough to open up the operation for city folk like us to come and see what they do. While the toddler embraced every opportunity he could on the farm, the bigger little guy found the whole experience […]

Big News

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Yep, we’re expanding again. The belly grows larger (seemingly by the day!) while we work at reorganizing things around here to make room for another little one. We are all getting very excited about welcoming this one into the world sometime around Christmas. The preschooler will have absolutely no talk of this baby being a […]

Date Night(s)

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Hubby and I were lucky enough to get to go out sans little boys twice last week. Dates out are a relatively special, and somewhat infrequent, thing for us, so two in one week was a REAL treat. Last Tuesday we headed to a free concert at a local church; Andrew Osenga was playing. We […]

Blueberry Picking

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We head out almost every Wednesday right now with a group of friends to do a fun activity. Last week we hit the zoo, and I opted not to take a camera. This week we picked blueberries. There’s nearly 4 pounds in the fridge to prove it, and we will all be dreaming of muffins, […]

A bit of our day

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I’ve decided to let the pictures tell most of the story of our morning together as a family today; I do want you to know that these are posted in the order in which they were taken. expectantly waiting little legs lag behind a bit look closely sharing Hubby and the preschooler built the rocket […]

Here we May again

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I finally finished the May block for the SSS last night. I am already loving the Brown Sheep skinny cotton I picked up to (hopefully) complete the project. The June block is already on my needles; I am determined to get caught up this month and finish the June block in *ahem* June. In other […]