Tranquility: Tomorrow Night

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I’m so sorry for my recent absence, but I have been very hard at work preparing for a show. I will have five new works on display tomorrow night for First Friday in the Crossroads at the Imago, 217 W 19th Terrace, Kansas City, MO from 6 to 9 pm. If you are in the […]

Riding the rails

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We recently took the boys to ride a REAL train! The Midland Railway runs during the warmer months and was a fun and educational trip for all of us. We had about an hour long round trip with a stop in the middle to switch the engine. Hubby took these polaroid shots; I took advantage […]

The replacemat

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One of the things I LOVE about being a parent is the random things I find around the house. Toys placed doing funny or interesting things, little piles of stuff found from the days activities, and things just plain moved around. Last week I found a lego fire truck on the dining room table with […]

The Sunflower State

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I proudly and happily live in the sunflower state. While the bluebonnet will always be a favorite with the Texas born and raised mama, the sunflower has always been a favorite of mine. I clearly remember driving up for my first semester at KU with my family and close friend being enthralled by the sunflower […]

True First Days

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The bigger little guy had his very first day of preschool last Friday. In keeping with family tradition, Hubby snapped the official first day of school photos. Little brother was certain he was ready to go to preschool too, but, of course, he got to come home with mama instead. I think he’s already adjusting […]


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The bigger little guy got a puppet making kit for his birthday a year or two ago; we made all the puppets in a matter of weeks. I, of course, kept the extra supplies, and they, of course, got buried in a closet. I found them while I was cleaning out the other day, and […]


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In the process of cleaning out, really *ahem* nesting, and preparing for out next new addition, I found some real, daily thanksgiving for Hubby. Apparently nearly five years ago for a VERY short period of time I chose to write each day one or two things for which I wanted to thank him. Five years […]

Walking the Line

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We are still keeping after the getting well business over here. I made a serious dent in both the laundry and the dishes today, but we are still way behind. Work on my show has been put on hold until we can get everyone well; I know I’ll have to play catch up later, but […]

In a Jeep

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A few weeks back I found this parked on the play table (used mostly for city building!) in the preschooler’s room. The toddler was, not surprisingly, responsible for putting some sheep in the Jeep. I laughed out loud, then snapped a (poor) photo. The little board book Sheep in a Jeep has long been a […]


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It is finally cool enough for us to spend some time outside, and we are finally spending time playing in the sun and the sand with frequency. We finally had a nice, gray, cooler, rainy at times, day today! And I have finally resorted to a daily vacuuming. Either I am really awful with a […]