The stars have it

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Some of you know that I love, and collect, stars, but I’m guessing that many of you don’t know about this little aspect of our house. We have star everything around here, and I was prompted to get out our outdoor Christmas lights (stars!) by our 4 year old last week. Nothing like a little […]

A very special shower

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My sister in law is getting married! We are all thrilled about it, and we took time to have a shower for her this past Saturday. I will confess that I looked at her registry, decided that everyone else would go that route, and went and did my own thing. After much thought, I finally […]

Gone Fishing!

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I walked in the living room (which is sans rug right now due to a stomach bug/grape juice combo) recently one afternoon to find a dock built complete with a fishing pond. I couldn’t move it, and the next morning the boys put it to use and went fishing. I somewhat unintentionally “went fishing” myself; […]


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He came to me and asked me to tie the bow around his neck; then he wanted me to take a picture for all of you. Here ya go!

Supplementing the stash

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I mentioned a couple of days ago that my friend Linda and I had made our annual trip to Matthew’s Birthday Sale at the Studio. I took along my camera to document a bit of the trip, and I snapped a photo of the measly 3 skeins I bought too. Yep, just three. Don’t worry, […]

Boston Cream Cake

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I am absolutely certain that I could do a bit of research and find out exactly why it is called Boston Cream Pie, but there was no way that the name fit this boston cream concoction. It’s become a tradition that I make dessert for my FIL’s birthday celebration, and, as such, I have come […]

A tiny gnome hat

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One of my favorite local yarn stores, The Studio, has a sale the first weekend in November every year in honor of the owner’s son’s birthday. Matthew’s birthday sale nets everyone who brings a child’s hat or mittens to donate a 25% discount. It’s become an annual tradition for my friend Linda and me, and […]

A morning in the trees

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I took the boys to visit the Overland Park Arboretum last Tuesday morning. The weather was perfect, I’ve been dying to go there, and the boys wanted to be outside but not at a park. It was a PERFECT trip, and I can’t wait to go back with them again!

October drags on

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The October block for the SSS was added to the pile just a couple of days ago. Yes, it was *ahem* late, but the pile grows ever taller. I am so very close to finishing the knitting for this one! When I start to get excited, I just remind myself of all the seaming to […]


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…you make something just because your kids want it for a seemingly silly reason. …the oldest kid doesn’t eat dinner. …the younger one makes a huge mess eating fist fulls of something best eaten with a spoon. …you relive something you loved in your own childhood and had almost forgotten. …the dog doesn’t talk, but […]