Merry Christmas!

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Guess who came to join us on Christmas day? Our next little guy, yep we had another boy!, made his arrival at home at 12:02 pm! He was all of 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 inches long. Good thing his mama knit him a Santa hat! We are adjusting well, and I can’t wait […]

More Ready!

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In all honesty, everything for Christmas was finished around here last week. The gifts are wrapped, most of them in homemade pillow cases. The tree is up and decorated, and undecorated, and decorated again on a daily basis! The stocking stuffers are all sorted into labeled bags and boxes so someone else can be santa […]

For 13 days…

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I get to be the younger one for 13 days every year! Hubby and I were born exactly 13 days apart; we celebrated his birthday nearly two weeks ago. I am just now getting around to posting about it as SOMEONE 😉 borrowed (stole) my favorite lens and I couldn’t take the needed photos of […]

Late again!

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Nope, not the baby, but the November block for the SSS. I confess that it has been finished for a bit, but it was completed *ahem* in the month of December. I cast on for the December, and final!, block a couple of nights ago. It’s the last thing I’d like to finish knitting before […]

Ready to bundle

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We are esssentially ready and waiting over here when it comes to the new arrival. The birthing supplies are all in order in our room, the boys are excited, the belly is huge, the newborn hat has been knit, and some naturally hand dyed blankets have been sewn to swaddle the little one. These are […]


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When you think you might give birth right before Christmas, you also think that you should be prepared, you know, just in case you have a baby just in time for Santa to arrive. We are ready; the unborn, nearly unnamed, little one who will be joining us sometime in the next little while already […]

Newly redecorated

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I left for a mere 3 hours one Sunday afternoon recently to teach a workshop at church, and I came home to this. The boys went to town on the dining room wall in crayon. I started scrubbing that night, only to stop immediately. I knew that I would regret not taking pictures later, much […]

Old News

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A while back the bigger little guy had a Thanksgiving feast at school. We were invited to come and watch the mayhem, prayer, eating and songs. It was, well, priceless, but not exactly PC these days. I’m certain that he learned a lot about the first Thanksgiving no matter how the decor looked, and I […]

Science, in a wrap

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Little boys (and I’m certain little girls too) LOVE science. They love to experiment and explore, and I think it needs to be encouraged. There’s nothing like giving them some tools and a home for them to spur on scientific expeditions. We missed an important birthday party in September, and I delivered this gift to […]

Another day in the life

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I left here toting my camera last Monday with every intention of documenting my day. I quickly noticed that the camera battery was almost dead and had to limit photos. Today was not a stellar day, and well, Monday was a really FUN one. It seems as though sharing a bit of my Monday is […]