A New Celebration

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Most of you know that my sister passed away on Earth Day 13 years ago. It was just 3 days before her 27th birthday, and this year, finally, after 12 years of struggle I finally found a way to observe both. We started out by taking advantage of a free day at Powell Gardens for […]

Under Construction

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With a house full of boys, we have more than a general interest in construction. This summer we’ve watched some neighbors get a new driveway, a fence go up between us and our next door neighbors and countless road construction projects in our area with great interest. The boys, especially the oldest, are always building […]

The Final Block

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The final block of the Super Secret Surprise was finished sometime in February? Or did I actually finish it in December, but not take the photo until early March? I really, honestly, can’t say; all I do know is that all 30 blocks are complete. Not a single stitch of seaming has happened as of […]

A Quick Quilt

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Seven months is an awfully long time for me to not blog. I have a huge stock of photos; there are just so, very, many things that I have to tell you all about. There’s recipes and sewing, a new business and diet, fresh ideas and plans. Frankly, so much has happened and is going […]