First Marks

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A certain baby brother had to join in the drawing and coloring the other day. I hadn’t offered for him to join yet since his older brothers still just ate crayons at this age. There was, of course, a fair amount of crayon eating going on, but there was also real drawing. He loved it; […]

The sleepy, cuddly, relax post

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There’s been a whole lot of snuggles around here lately, and mama is staying true to her resolution to take better care of herself (one word: BATH!). I sincerely hope that winter is treating you well. Well, that is, if you are actually having winter; there’s also green grass in our yard, and it feels […]

Holiday Handmades: For Mama

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Hubby got brave with the boys. He painted with them. He painted with ALL of them, including the (then) 11 month old, AT THE SAME TIME. My amazing and inspired hubby had the boys paint together on a piece of glass; he then frosted the other side and turned said piece of glass into a […]

Holiday Handmades: The Boats

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We made so very many things for Christmas (and BIRTHDAY!) gifts this year that I’ve decided to do a series of posts instead of trying to tell it all in just one. The big boys made each other boats as Christmas gifts. Each of them made all the design decisions, but mama worked the saw. […]

Simply Resolute

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I had grand plans to come up with a master list of stuff to do this year; I was hoping to find 100 things to put on it. I was going to call it 100 wishes. It was hope against hope; the year opened for me with elation that things would be better this year. […]

Winter in his garden

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The biggest boy appropriated party of our front yard within the last few weeks as his garden. (I confess that I am hoping to talk him into a sunnier location in the backyard when planting season arrives.) He has spent a great deal of time out there grooming the ground and literally arranging the mulch. […]


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We celebrated the baby’s 1st birthday yesterday (and I promise to post photos of all of it soon), and getting finished with his party left me with a tiny bit of room to breathe. I crashed on the couch last night and folded clothes while watching tv with Hubby. My need for a break was […]

Somedays a boy’s just got to paint

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The middle boy has fallen in love with watercolors. Honestly, his watercolor paper and paints haven’t left the table in a few days. I have to take the brushes and water off the table so he’ll eat! 😉 I love watching him explore them and create new things. He is very specific about what he […]


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I had this idea a few years ago. I even bought sweaters and fulled them in the wash. I would tell you that the fulled sweaters sat and waited patiently, but, indeed, they did not. They were used for all sorts of things over the years. Finally, this year, I made it happen! Each of […]

A bunny for Bunny

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We had some very special guests at our house this year for Thanksgiving. My closest friend, whom I consider a sister, came to visit from Houston with her family. While we see them every time we are in Houston, they hadn’t been here in 6 years. It was wonderful to have them here and spend […]