Two Big Things for the Little Guy

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The littlest boy has had a big few weeks. Not that long ago he was baptized, and my wonderful friend Kendall made him the world’s cutest bow tie to wear for the occasion. I don’t have pictures from the service; I chose to leave my camera at home and just be present. He also had […]

Building an Arch

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It turns out that you don’t need special blocks or some other expensive stuff to practice building an arch and learn about things like keystones; all you need is a clementine. The 3 year old boy and I learned this over breakfast one morning last week. Considering the number of clementines in our fridge right […]

Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

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I feel like we are constantly searching for snacks around here; we need things that are HEALTHY pretty much all the time. Most of the time we eat fruit, nuts, raw veggies, cheese, and other truly whole foods snacks. We do, though, also LOVE to bake around here, and sometimes snack can be extra yummy […]

Holiday Handmades: For the baby

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The bigger boys really went all out for their baby brother for Christmas. The eldest insisted on making him a mobile; it was only after much deliberation that we decided to do animals. We spent an afternoon cutting the chosen beasts out of wool felt; then there was a bit of machine sewing, some hand […]