The Edible Ice Pop Stick

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Honestly, this was not *completely* my idea. We popped some ice pops into the freezer one afternoon, and one of the boys announces that we should use sticks you can eat. An idea flashes through my mind instantly, but I don’t bother to share it, saving it instead as a surprise for them. I immediately […]

Freeing ourselves…

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I updated this post to fix a few important errors on August 7, 2012. Please not that the “coconut butter” listed in the cashew butter coconut sorbet was changed to coconut milk, and the corn breading recipe changed from 1 cup to a 1/2 cup of water. I’m really hoping this didn’t cause a problem […]

Fire and Ice: Coconut and chocolate, hot or cold

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When you can’t have dairy but love hot chocolate and chocolate ice cream, eventually you find a way to make the good stuff. I had an epiphany of sorts two winters ago that resulted in a hot chocolate recipe that became my go to comfort drink on those especially cold, hard days. In the heat […]