The dog ate Minneapolis…

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Or at least I think it was Minneapolis. Well, and it wasn’t actually Minneapolis (So don’t worry if you have family there.); it was a map. Yep. The 85 pound beast that lives at our house ate a map of what I think was Minneapolis.
I headed down to my studio last night to clean up the ankle deep dog hair and found a map on her pillow that she had consumed so much of, I couldn’t really tell where it depicted. And it wasn’t a small map, it was a full-size map.
You’d think that we don’t feed her. The opposite is true. Now that the baby is darn near a toddler he drops so much “people” food that she’s getting picky. She currently refuses to lick rice cereal off of the floor. I know it sounds gross to us, but SHE’S a DOG for crying out loud. I thought they were like Mikey… And all that baby dropped goodness is in addition to her regularly scheduled two square a day.
So what in the world does she need to eat Minneapolis for?
This should prove that I actually have begun work on reclaiming the studio. I spent an hour down there with my Dyson last night. I only emptied it three times, but I should have done it about 10. I let it get over full so I wouldn’t have to go up and down the stairs so many times. Now that the dog hair is gone, it’s time to start painting that cabinet!
Maybe I’ll have a fresh picture for you this Friday…

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  1. Erin
    July 17, 2007

    That is funny about your dog – ours is the same way! She has previously eaten half a 30 gallon garbage bag, about a quarter of a carpet-and-rubber bath mat (like the kind you put outside the shower), books, glass Christmas ornaments, and even cat poop – but she’s too good to eat an apple slice on the floor.


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