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One night when I was in college my three friends and I bought a pan of the brand new (back then…), microwave brownies. Turns out that the crappy, old microwave we had didn’t work all that well, and after following the directions we had undercooked brownie mush. It resulted in all four of us crowded around the small pan with spoons loving every minute of it. This was the same group of friends who could polish off a 36 inch pepperoni pizza, a case of lemonade, and a 36 pack of full-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups while watching 2 movies. Yep, that essentially a 12 inch pizza and 9 PB cups per person! (For the record, I don’t eat like this anymore… Nothing like this.)
Half-baked can be good. Just ask Ben and Jerry’s. Hubby and I have always liked this flavor. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with brownie chunks and cookie dough. You really can’t go wrong.
I’m glad that half-baked can be good sometimes, but I think I have a problem. I can’t seem to finish things. I have half finished scrapbooks, un-mailed thank you notes, and other partly complete projects lurking in my studio. Why can’t I seem to get some of these things done? Why do I leave stuff undone?
And yet I’m still the queen of no UFO’s (unfinished objects) when it comes to knitting. I have this strange habit of working on only one thing at a time, and working on it diligently until I finish it. I guess maybe the reason that I knit this way is simply because I know of my pitfall. I know that I am skilled at leaving things half-baked.
I’m just glad that some of them taste good.

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