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I’m making more progress on some fronts and completely stagnant on others.
There has been no knitting!!! This does not make me happy and will not keep the baby warm this fall. I took a break to be obsessed with Harry Potter and I haven’t gotten back to the sweater I’m knitting him. This is what it looks like:
I promise to try and get some knitting done tonight. I thought a tiny sweater would be a quick knit. I didn’t know I would devour two Harry Potter books in less than a week and decide to do other things…
I really did get to work in my studio again. The cabinet is door-less. I made a trip to Home Depot today to buy 1X2 and hinges for the repairs. I got a deal on a value pack of brass cabinet hinges that were missing the screws. I have 12 extra hinges if anyone needs some. And then I came home.
This is where forward progress became frustrating. I was sure that we’d have some kind of fastener I could use to attach 1X2 legs to the cabinet. Trust me, one inch dry wall screws weren’t long enough. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I have proof. I have nails that would have worked if I’d pre-drilled holes, but I didn’t… By the time I decided to pre-drill the holes, I only have enough battery power left to drill one of them. And then the baby woke up…
…way too early from his afternoon nap. I guess I’d be a little cranky if my mouth started hurting really bad in one spot and I was only 1 year old and didn’t have a clue what was happening. I’m assuming that he’s cutting a tooth. I have very little proof; I can’t get a finger in his mouth to feel around. It used to be that he’d bite, now he jut won’t let us put a finger in his mouth at all.
So I have an empty esty shop now. I’m at I’ll let you know when I finally get somethings posted for sale.
And I signed up for secret pal 11. It was so much fun last time, I couldn’t help myself.

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