Out of the mouths of babes

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The newest member of our family has taken quite well to napping in the bouncey seat. I figured you guys would appreciate an updated photo of the little guy. He’s gained a ton of weight and definitely has his fair share of rolls. No shortage of baby fat has not produced the 7 or 8 hour nightly stretches of sleep I had hoped for, but I am generally getting 4 or 5 hours at once now. The ever growing little guy has his 2 month check up this afternoon.
I’ll simply apologize for the lack of posting in the last week or two. I developed a nasty sore throat that I figured was viral; I’d never had strep before in my life. I thought I couldn’t get it. I was wrong. After 11 days of misery I finally went to the doctor and came home with a prescription. I’m much better now, but my 4th of July weekend was a little stressful. Hubby shot a wedding in California and was gone all weekend, so we refrained from traditional 4th activities. Fireworks on TV, even in HD, really leave something to be desired, especially when you’re alone.
I took the boys out the spend the day with their grandparents (my in-laws) on Saturday. I was treated to a wonderful pedicure from my mother-in-law. I even managed to swing lunch out by myself. I was really nice to get to do somethings, ALONE, just for me. And I also managed to get sometime to play outside with the toddler without a baby in a sling.
We’re finding that as the toddler gets older, he gets more and more creative, and he says the funniest things. I wound up with him a the doctor’s office yesterday as he was refusing to eat or drink and running a low-grade fever. Thinking he probably had strep like we did, I took him right in. His strep test was negative, but they didn’t like the sound of his chest, so we came home with a nebulizer and had to do breathing treatments. Yep, on a 2 year old. On a hyper-sensitive, over-reacting two year old. You can’t imagine the screaming, kicking, tears, and horror that occurred at our house last night. I (yep, me. The my-kids-will-not-eat-sugar mom) resorted to promising him a cookie to get about half a treatment done. I parked him at the table last night with two Back to Nature chocolate sandwich cookies after I gave up on finishing the treatment. When he finished the cookies, he declared, “G (he still uses third person, so I’ll use his first initial) have more cookies.” When I told him the cookies were all gone, he said, “Mama go grocery store.”
We have moments like that one every day at our house right now. They make it all worth it. Well, that and the hugs and kisses. Oh, and the laughter. Even the baby has started to laugh on occasion. And we’re loving it!
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  1. Barb
    July 10, 2008

    What a precious picture! There is nothing sweeter and more soothing than a baby sleeping. And did “mama go grocery store” ?

  2. Tamy
    July 11, 2008

    What a perfect picture! Miss you guys!


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