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The toddler turned two today. We’re having a party for him next weekend with family and a few friends. Today, we started with pancakes and bacon for breakfast, took a family trip to the zoo and had lunch out. The weather was perfect, and he really enjoyed the train. Up there he’s at the tale end of saying “Kangaroooooo!”
Recent two year old-isms include “Mama, turn rain off” and “Leave bouncey seat in chicken”. He’s started trying to use the word kitchen, but it’s coming our chicken every time.
I have a ton planned for his party next week, but I’ll share those things as I get them done.
The baby slept through the entire trip to the zoo and lunch. He fell asleep being carried around the house before we left. Stirred a little when I put him in his car seat, stirred a little more when he was moved to a sling, and didn’t hardly bat an eyelash when I put him back in the car seat.
For a few brief minutes this afternoon all three of my boys were asleep at once; it was nice. I enjoyed holding a sleeping babe while the house was quiet. And wouldn’t you know it, the baby was the one to wake up first.
Well, I’m off to try and finish birthday party invites. I’m a bit behind schedule this year. I think it was having another baby combined with all the illness around here that did it. I’ve had to extend phone invites and joked that I would pass the real ones out as people came in the door! Hopefully I can get them in the mail tomorrow.

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  1. Sarah
    July 15, 2008

    Oh, Hapde Burfday!


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