Things that start with “t”: the Tour and Target

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The toddler spent a few precious minutes on the couch watching the Tour de France with his dad last night. Hubby’s been waiting for two years to have him sit down and watch cycling with him. And while it only lasted for a few short minutes, I could tell that they both enjoyed their time together very much. The toddler is definitely rooting for team Garmin-Chipotle.
Hubby and I had a side conversation about the fact that we’re not getting into the tour or enjoying it as much this year as we did in years past. It’s hard to get into something when so many of the faces changed so fast. I don’t even recognize most of the names!
Just before the toddler joined hubby on the couch he spent a few minutes trying to convey something to us. Sometimes it takes several tries before we get the message. It went something like this: “G want target”. After we tried verifying what we thought he was saying several times, hubby finally asked him, “G wants to go to Target?” “YES!” What? My 2 year old is already asking to go to specific stores? We tried to get him to tell us what he needed at Target, but we never could get an answer.
The Hoover blanket report: I was nearing 30 inches at last check. And I’ve been cheating on it with a hat for an unborn little girl.
I’m off to get the toddler from his nap. I also have to figure out exactly how to make a cake that looks like a Jeep Wrangler for his party on Saturday. Any ideas?


  1. Beth
    July 15, 2008

    Unless you’re gonna go “Ace of Cakes” on it, I’d stick with the most distinctive part, which is the front end, and do a flat sheet cake cut and decorated to look like the front view of the Jeep….My oldest’s 2-yr cake was Cookie Monster….allll that blue fur…I thought my hand was gonna fall off………

  2. Linda
    July 16, 2008

    Yay! We’re rooting for Garmin-Chipotle, too – but so far my kiddo has shown no interest in it (maybe because mommy shows no interest in it either…?)


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