The last skein

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Yep, the last skein of Blue Sky Organic Cotton became a ball today. I hope that ball will start slowly becoming part of the blanket sometime today, but that will require some serious sleeping and good behavior on the part of my kids.
The list of things to get done this week seems to be growing as fast as I accomplish things that are on it. It seems as though every time I can scratch something off of it, I have to add something else. Or a simple task requires other things to be done before I can get to it. Take vacuuming; I don’t usually vacuum until I sweep the stairs. I got that done this morning and walked into the dining room to remember that the toddler has been dropping a sticky mess in there for months without me able to do a good job of cleaning it up. That means I needed to get down on my hands and knees with a razor blade before I vacuum. The floor has been scraped, but not vacuumed.
During my stint on the floor this morning, the toddler came in and declared, “I wanna clean.”. I gave him a rag and he joined me for a minute. I wish I’d been able to record what he said. He won’t believe that he said that when he gets a little older! And it was the very first time I’ve heard him use the pronoun “I”!
That last skein, I mean ball, is calling my name…


  1. Beth
    July 16, 2008

    Congratulations, you officially have a place as an Enabler in my directory…I finally caved and bought enough to do a throw…I hope…!
    I loved listening to the language develop in my kids. It was always really cute to me if not to others, but cute aside it’s just such an INTERESTING process!! Glad you’re enjoying yours; sticky messes or no sticky messes….

  2. Tamy
    July 16, 2008

    Woohoo for the 1st person!! I’ll help you remember for years from now.


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