They paved paradise…

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I’ve recently decided that I should give my kids something handmade for each of their birthdays. We’ll still buy them something too, but I really want to start a tradition. And so far, so good. The toddler got his blanket when he turned one and a parking lot this year for number 2.
Parking lot? Yep, a parking lot. I had a self-proclaimed brilliant idea; he’s into organizing things, so why not give him a place to park all his vehicles. I thought I might just not have to trip over them quite so much. And guess what? It worked! So far anyway…
I had to move a Jeep to take the parking lot outside for photos. The parking lot itself was quite simple to make. I started with 2/3 of a yard of black canvas and I painted the stripes on with a wide foam brush and appropriately colored bright yellow acrylic craft paint. I didn’t even bother to pre-wash the fabric, but I did put a half inch rolled hem on the non-selvedge edges. The whole thing took me less than an hour and cost much less than ten bucks.
I think Joni Mitchell would be proud of our little paradise.


  1. Beth
    July 21, 2008


  2. Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy
    July 21, 2008

    I love it!! What a great idea. G~Man will love it for years to come.


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