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I realized the other day that my self-imposed maternity leave will be coming to an end very soon. And I don’t at all feel prepared to head back to my studio. Frankly, I’m afraid of it. I’m so embarrassed by what you can find down there that I won’t even show you guys pictures. The place is covered in dog hair, and the floor is literally strewn with the debris of things the dog chose to consume parts of and leave behind. I might actually have to take a shovel down there to get the clean up started…
I am feeling a bit better. I think choosing rest over laundry and dishes for the last couple of week may end up helping, but it’s been hard on everyone. Clean clothes are hard to come by and we ran out of knives at one point.

Simple mom
did a great interview with Amanda Soule of SouleMama fame. Amanda has a new book out called The Creative Family that you could win if you act fast (like, tonight!). Get the details here.
I was thrilled to read that Amanda is not perfect. Her blog and business frequently make me feel as though I could be doing better. I know that’s not her intention, and, truthfully, I could be doing better. Always can, right?

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  1. Sarah
    August 3, 2008

    I have to say that in general I do not like Amanda’s blog (shhhhhhhhh, don’t out me) b/c she does make it look so freaking perfectly perfect. However, I did buy her book a few weeks ago, and it is nothing like the blog really. I am halfway through it, and quite enjoying it.


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