From the top down

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It’s amazing to me how different something can look in a picture. I took that photo of a baby praying mantis last week while we were playing out back. At the time, I wasn’t even positive what kind of insect it was. After I got the pics into my computer, I confirmed my hunch. He was no bigger than an inch long and quite fascinating to watch. It was one of those times that I was sad the boys were really too little to appreciate him.
I think my confusion was all about perspective. When I first looked at him, I had a bird’s eye view. It made him look like some kind of weird scorpion. It wasn’t until I was more on his level that I could identify with him. Yep, there’s an analogy in there. When I taught, I used to get down on the same level with my kids when I helped them individually. I squatted, sat in another chair at their table, what ever I could to really try and see things from their point of view. It helped that I was teaching art, but I also think it helped my kids relate to me. I think sometimes when I am most frustrated with my own kids it’s because I haven’t gotten down on their level yet.
I also decided last week that enough was enough. It is time to get a handle on all the cleaning and stuff around here. I really let things go just before the baby was born when I go told to “take it easy”, and I haven’t gotten things picked back up yet. It seems to me that working from the top down, the way my mother taught me to clean, is the way to go. That means that I’ll start upstairs with the nursery and our room; places no one really sees much but us. Then I’ll work my way to the more public areas of the house, finally rewarding myself with a good deep cleaning of my studio. By then I should be all set to get back to work down there.
I’ll try to keep you posted about my progress, but I’m certain that it will be slow going!

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