Wide Open Spaces

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I’ve had the Dixie Chicks song of the same title in my head for some of the evening this evening. It’s been one of those days where if I wasn’t holding one kiddo, I was the other. Both of them seemed to just have a high need for touch today. The toddler’s been extra whiny to go along with it. I could use some wide open space myself tonight.
Frankly, I’m stealing this time. The baby is down for a late nap and hubby has the toddler in the bath right now. I’ll go down for bedtime stories and to finish making the adult dinner. Most night we eat as a family, but hubby got home too late tonight for that. I waited for him; if timing works the way I think it will, we’ll get to eat dinner just the two of us!
I took the boys to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art today to see the Chakaia Booker exhibit. The toddler kept calling the sculptures made of recycled rubber, mostly tires, “pretty”.
We made a Kemper afternoon of it and also went to the Kemper Memorial Garden. It was unseasonably cool here, only in the upper 70s, today. And the garden is walled, so I don’t have to stay quite so close to the toddler as I do some of the other places we go to play. I was really impressed, the fountains are great, the flowers were beautiful, and there were tons of them. I didn’t lug a camera with two kids in tow, but I wish that I had.
Now, if I can just squeeze in some time to create something tonight. Or maybe I should take a shower instead… 😉

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