Nap time?

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The toddler is having nap time issues. This is really not new for him. He was a classic short napper as a baby, and he fought naps much harder than he did bedtime. He would go to bed at night awake, but would not go down for a nap unless he was out cold. Eventually he had to cry it out. It broke my heart.
Now? We’ve graduated from crying to playing. He’ll spend 2 plus hours playing before falling asleep sometimes. Other days I eventually have to go and get him without an actual nap because it gets too late for him to take one. Most days he does sleep for an hour or so still, but getting there means spending three hours in bed, two of them singing and yelling. He’s so loud that sometimes he wakes the baby.
I try to stay as quiet as possible while he’s “falling asleep” so as to not disturb the delicate nap process, but I’m finding that hard to do. My kitchen is right outside his room and nap time is typically when I put away dishes and prep for dinner.
The baby on the other hand would really like to sleep all day. He’s taking a good three, sometimes four, naps a day and fits the mold of how a baby should sleep. If he wakes after only an hour of his afternoon nap, all I have to do is go rock and bounce for a while and put him back down. Some days I have to wake him for every feeding! We’re still up at night for one or two feedings, but they are relatively quick and he goes right back to bed.
I’m certain that my toddler is normal, but that doesn’t make listening to him for hours any less frustrating. Especially when I want to take a nap; how’s a mama suppose to sleep with all that racket?

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