Au Naturel and woo-hoo!!!!!!!

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I got tagged for the six random things meme that’s going around by my cousin Tamy. I should disclose that I think she tagged me for the seven random things one a while back and I neglected to participate. I wasn’t ignoring it, I had just recently posted seven random things, and, well, fourteen seemed like too much sharing. 😉 Or, it was just too much random stuff about me to come up with…
Here’s my six:
1. We are officially debt free except for our house as of this morning!!!! Woooo-Hoooo!!!
2. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t think I even own any makeup anymore. When my brother in law got married a couple of years ago and I was expected to be made-up for the wedding, I had to dig and borrow to get ready!
3. I do my best to eat all natural foods and use all natural hygiene and home care products.
4. I bought a loom just over two years ago and have never used it. My husband (jokingly) tried to sell it to Linda last night. I love my loom, but just haven’t found time to get it up and running with the kids. I’m thrilled to have a weaving buddy; maybe it will even get me motivated…
5. I’m crazy. The kind of crazy that chooses to have two kids in less than two years. The kind of crazy that reads about this on the chicken and actually thinks “I should try that…”. And the kind of crazy that is environmentally minded, yet still drives a huge gas-guzzling truck. It’s mostly the good kind of crazy if you ask me…
6. I will always be a Texan at heart, and will always miss my home state, but not necessarily the place I grew up. “You can take the girl out of Texas…”

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  1. Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy
    August 19, 2008

    SO of course I already knew these things but #5 & #6 really made me LOL.


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