I made a dent

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Yep, that’s the hood of hubby’s car. It seems to attract road debris; its sustained much damage through simply being at the wrong spot at the wrong time. There was a section of tire tread on I-35 about 40 miles out of town that did a number on it. I was driving then too. Tire tread flying through the air and smacking your hood, then windshield, while you travel 70 plus MPH on the highway is kind of scary. And expensive. This time it was a rock that flew off a truck less than a mile from our house. I had just turned out of our neighborhood and onto a street where the speed limit is 35. I was shocked to be hit by flying debris, and even more shocked when I saw the damage. I don’t hit things; they hit me.
I did mention yesterday that I’m crazy, right? We left a week ago on a moments notice to drive two hours out of town for a ten minute family portrait photo shoot. You can see a photo on the photographer’s blog here. We’re the first family pictured. If you look closely, you can see me trying to make a dent here too. I was asked to pretend to pop the couch with my knitting needle. And, yep, that’s a sleeve for the toddler’s sweater. It’s finished now, the sleeve, not the sweater.
I also made a dent in the top down house clean up going on around here. I cleaned up my half of our joint closet and sorted out the pile of clothing in our bedroom that resulted from changing size so rapidly while having little time to unpack or pack up clothing as I outgrew and then shrank back through sizes. I’m happy to say that I have only 10 pounds to go to get back to my pre-pregnant size and 20 to my “ideal” weight, and I am officially back in *my* jeans!
This afternoon hubby and I sent the toddler out to see his grandparents and we made a huge dent in the bathroom remodel going on upstairs. Finishing that job is part of the top down clean up. Today we finished grouting the tile around the shower/tub. We still have a ton of work to do, but I think we have it down to some manageable chunks. It was too dark to take photos of the tile tonight, but I’ll get it done soon.
Ok, so I didn’t make A dent; I made several of them.


  1. Jenn : )
    August 21, 2008

    Sorry about your bad dent – but congratulations on your good dents! ; )
    That’s a cool family photo!

  2. Beth
    August 23, 2008

    Some dents good. Some dents bad. I’ve been run into by a deer before – bad dent (for both me *and* the deer…). Cleaning out closets for painting project – good dent. Hope you continue to have more good dents!!


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